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How to sell your expertise online with a digital course

As a speaker I just know you have a lot of great expertise to share

The challenge is you only have a certain amount of time on stage to share it and only a certain amount of people get to hear it.

So what happens when members of your audience want to learn more from you.

Perhaps you provide 1-to-1 coaching or they could attend a workshop you have coming up OR maybe you’ve written a book.

Or how about they simply register for your online course where they get 24/7 access to your expertise without having to wait.

They can learn at their pace at their place.

Furthermore, you have nothing to organise. No venue to pay for, no time-consuming travel, no limits really.

I often say to experts just like you - do not let the size of a room determine the size of your income. Simply say it once, and sell it often.

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Johnny Beirne
Johnny Beirne

Johnny Beirne is Academy Director with Speakersbase and has been delivering courses both online and off for the past 12 years.

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